Trail Court

Saturday 15 July 2023
9:00 am

1 refreshment

From 24 € to 36 €

DEPARTURE : l’Alpe d’Huez

Arrival : Oz en Oisans

21 km
900 m D+


After a departure from the resort of Alpe d’Huez, you will head towards the Plateau des Lacs, where you can enjoy the unspoilt natural setting between lakes and mountains. You will then set off towards the village resort of Vaujany, passing through La Villette.

You will then finish the last few kilometres of the course by crossing the Enversin d’Oz and then the resort of Oz en Oisans, where the finish line will be located.


You can find all the details of the Trail Court course by clicking on the link below:

As we are working in natural areas, living together with people who use the land you are walking through all year round, we sometimes have to make changes to our different routes, which may slightly modify the distance and/or the height difference. This distance and difference in altitude are therefore given as an indication.


TIME AND PLACE OF DEPARTURE9:00 AM in Alpe d’Huez on Saturday 15 July 2023
DROP900 m D+ / 1 350 m D-
REFRESHMENTS– km 7 (Villard Reculas) – Water point only
– km 13 (Vaujany – Le Collet)
– Arrival (Oz en Oisans)

As a reminder, the personal cup is compulsory and no cups will be distributed at the refreshment points (course or finish).
TIME LIMITSThese time barriers are calculated on an average speed of 5 km/h

– At the Vaujany feed station (km 13.5) at 11:45 am
– At the finish (km 21) at 1:12 pm
COLLECTION BIBS– Friday 14 July in Oz en Oisans from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm
– Saturday 15 July at Alpe d’Huez from 8.00 am to 8:45 pm
REGISTRATION FEES24 € for the first 50 numbers
28 € for the next 50 numbers
36 € for the last numbers
AGE LIMIT FOR PARTICIPANTSBorn in 2003 or earlier
AWARD CEREMONYIn Oz en Oisans at 2:30 PM
MATERIALSCompulsory equipment : 1L water supply + food supply + mobile phone (charged and switched on) + personal cup
Recommended equipment : waterproof jacket
Tolerated equipment : telescopic poles (must be folded at the start)
SHUTTLEA transfer is provided to take you to your starting point in Alpe d’Huez from Oz en Oisans on Saturday morning between 7:00 AM and 7:30 AM.
8€ to be paid when you register = compulsory
The transfer will be done by ski lifts (Poutran and DMC).
LABELSThe Trail Court de l’Oisans Trail Tour is part of several labels :
– UTMB Qualifer : The race is part of the UTMB Qualifier 20 km category
– ITRA : The Ultra Tour will allow you to obtain 1 ITRA point