Our Commitments



A trail, although deeply rooted in the mountain spirit of respect for nature, is not without impact on its environment. It must therefore be part of a sustainable development approach. Thus, it is a question of federating the inhabitants and the associative fabric of the communes crossed and of allowing the local actors to appropriate the event. In addition, eco-responsible actions will be developed throughout the organisation process: communication, transport, water and waste management, choice of refreshments, etc.

What is an eco-event ?

An eco-event is in essence an event that seeks to reduce its impact on the environment. It is also part of an approach that supports the local and solidarity-based economy and involves local partners and the general public in its organisation. Furthermore, it promotes cultural diversity and defends the values of sustainable development.

How does the Oisans Trail Tour meet these requirements?

The organisers have set strong objectives for this event to meet the requirements of an eco-event.

Impact on the environment :
  • Transport : We encourage participants to use carpooling and public transport to get to the event. We also offer shuttles via the ski lifts so that participants can get to the starting points of the races in a group. This action limits CO2 emissions by using existing infrastructures.
  • Communication : Priority is given to the use of the Internet (e-mail, website, newsletter) and the telephone as a means of internal communication, which considerably reduces the pollution linked to car travel. For external communication, we use recycled paper and work with an eco-labelled printer.
  • Waste sorting and reduction : A campaign to raise awareness of waste sorting and the installation of waste sorting containers will be carried out. In addition, since 2020, each participant is asked to bring their own reusable cup. This will reduce the use of cardboard cups at the various refreshment points.
  • Water : Water ramps are installed at the finish site and at the vast majority of the feed stations. This will considerably reduce the use of plastic bottles.
  • Local products at the refreshment posts : The refreshment stations of the Oisans Trail Tour offer local specialities made only a few kilometres from the course.
  • Raising awareness of environmental issues : Several associations linked to sustainable development are present and supported by the event.
  • Elimination of plastic bottles : In 2022, the Oisans Trail Tour has joined forces with the brand SodaStream to produce carbonated water and colas directly at the refreshment stations. Thus, no plastic bottles will be used at the refreshment stands. This represents a waste limitation of more than 1000 plastic bottles.
  • A Made In France runner’s gift : To limit transport and greenhouse gas emissions, the Oisans Trail Tour decided to offer gifts made in France to participants. Thus, the 2022 gift was a pair of socks 100% Made In France. The finishers were also offered a local finisher gift: a 75 cl beer brewed in Isère.


  • Solidarity : Charitable associations are supported by the event.
  • Social cohesion : More than 150 volunteers contribute to the success of the event. The inhabitants of the towns crossed are also mobilised.


  • Providers : Providers and local or regional products are selected to support and boost the local economy.
  • Partners : The partners are as far as possible local companies.


Because sport is a privileged vector of values, solidarity is honoured. This sporting event is a source of spin-offs for all the local associations and communes that help organise the event.

Each year, the Oisans Trail Tour has the pleasure to welcome associations such as Parkinson Trail Tour, which is a precious help in the recruitment of some volunteers. The Parkinson Trail Tour is a solidarity run to raise awareness and support research on Parkinson’s disease.


The health benefits of sport have been proven. A sporting event must be accessible to all. This is why we offer distances ranging from 21 to 87 km to allow everyone to participate. The Oisans Trail Tour offers formulas adapted to all ages and all levels of practice. In addition to the event, children’s races are organised on Friday afternoon. Pleasure, family and health sports all in one weekend!